When my cat goes missing for a whole hour.

My cat is named Heidi. I didn’t name her that, she came with it. The vets decided that because she hid everywhere it was more that appropriate. Seven years later I tend to agree.

My cat has hidden herself in boxes, under beds, in impossibly small corners and in cupboards. It’s just what she does. And usually I can find her. She may not be a snugglepuss, she might not come when she’s called, but eventually the many minutes, hours even, I have spent tracking her down means that this cat lady means business.

Tonight though, about 11pm I realised there was no way Heidi could be in the house. we have an enclosed backyard and she’s pretty fat, so I didn’t think she would go too far. I just didn’t like the idea of her being outside overnight. She’s a 95% indoor cat, and apparently she and I both like it that way. Well, until tonight.

I gave up calling her. I don’t know my neighbours well enough to annoy them. And I figured I could put her cat food outside, but if there was any chance my hunch was wrong, she would have eaten her food inside in the middle of the night and I’d know she would be okay. So I went back inside, opened the window that faces outside and waited.

After five minutes I was already looking up the lost pets Facebook pages, and the local vet. Nothing.

I did another house hunt. All I managed to do was wake up my daughter in the process.

Then I called again.

And waited.

I kept telling myself it would be okay. She’s a silly sausage, but she never goes far. Then again, the only times she goes outside is when I leave the door open for her to come in and out. And tonight I had bolted the door. She would think I abandoned her.

Then I saw something move under the clothesline. We have a Hills Hoist so it moves independently and there were some low hanging sheets up there too. I told myself it was just sheets. It couldn’t be Heidi.

But, no.

The sheets moved again, so I went outside, told Heidi off and watched her run back in to eat her food.

Crisis averted.

Despite the fact that Heidi is socially awkward, hates small child, hides often when she doesn’t like storms, children or people and eats a lot for a cat that does almost nothing all day, I do actually like her.

Love her even.

She knows when I am sick.

She knows when I am sad.

She does that annoying thing of rubbing her face on my ankles.

If it’s cold enough, she will sleep between my feet.

She follows me around the house if I’m the only one up and about.

The last thing I wanted to do was lose her. So, Heidi, if we can skip out on hiding all the time, I think we can have a beautiful friendship.

Just don’t do it again.

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I like books, rubber ducks, 90s pop music and putting words on paper. Wrote a thesis on romance. Tea and learning tarot.

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