Week Three Down: 8 Week Warrior Challenge

This week:
Warrior with Jay
Team Machine with Laryssa
Warrior with Laryssa
Warrior with Tara
Roller Derby Freshies week 2

This week has been interesting to say the least.

I feel like a I mentally getting stuff, but it seems to take my body longer to catch up. I’ve also fallen off the nutrition wagon, but that can be fixed. Actually, it’s in the process of being fixed. I have most had water and skim milk this week — one juice with dinner last night and some diet Coke. Not bad at all, considering how addicted I become to OJ at times.

This week’s ‘cheat meal’ was sushi. I had one with white rice which I didn’t enjoy (I mostly ate the chicken), and one with brown rice and spicy chicken, which was considerably nicer. Either way, my sushi craving is pretty much gone now.

Clothes are fitting better. My Belle Curve 20 jeans have never fit me well, and insist on cutting me in half, until this week. I also have PJs that are way too big which is nice, and I feel less puffy. My feet only ached once while skating after putting a lot of pressure on them while backwards skating — that’s not bad considering I usually spend derby sessions in agony.

The hardest thing is still best laid plans. Sometimes I have a rubbish session, or worse, I can’t go to gym at all because something comes up. Natalie has been really well this week which helps, but the reliance on other people, and in turn, other people’s expectations, can really make this difficult.

People I have talked to have been mostly really supportive or disinterested, but, whatever. I feel like I have got to quite a nice place in the challenge, so it isn’t like I haven’t started and I’m telling people what I will be doing… I have already started!

All in all, I feel 110% better within myself. I had low expectations going in, and they are gradually beginning to rise.

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I like books, rubber ducks, 90s pop music and putting words on paper. Wrote a thesis on romance. Tea and learning tarot.

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