I haven’t talked about it a lot, though it’s in my bio: I read tarot.

Yeah, I know, it conflicts with my Christian life, but does it? (That may be another blog for another time.) For me tarot isn’t about fortune telling or predicting the future. It’s about picking a card and making meaning from it to explain how life is working in the present. I work hard to practice mindfulness (read: I am hopeless at it), but tarot brings grounding to an otherwise confusing life. Before tarot I would poll my friends or check in with ones I thought had insight. Sometimes I still do that but more often than not I just pull cards and see what I already know.

Anyway. Sometimes I get a reading done when I need clarity for two things: money or men. Today it was money. I tend to fall down rabbit holes of ideas and I’ve learned the hard way that if I wait for an all-consuming idea to pass, it usually does. I’ve had the same idea now and I couldn’t get a good reading on it so I ordered a reading from thesearle on Fiverr (he also does YouTube, look up The Hardest Man in Tarot). Anyway. It was a great reading, the general gist of it was ‘if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. When it does happen, you’ll already be doing it.’


I guess my business idea is going to have to cook for a little longer. A girl can dream though, right?

I work really hard to make things happen. I need to get better at things happening more organically because it seems smoother then. Like, when I really needed a job and I was offered one. Or, on the other hand, when I really wanted a job BUT I knew the job I was taking was a wrong fit BUT I’d done all of this hard work to land it in the first place so it seemed wrong not to.

For a long time I’ve wanted was to phrase what’s going on around me.Tarot helps me describe energy and seasons of life and change in ways I haven’t been able to. That job I took that was wrong for me was during a ‘Tower’ year for me and how it ended was so awful. But what did it follow itself up with? ‘The World’ energy, and who wouldn’t want that?

It is late and I must go to sleep. I fully intend on more blogs about tarot, if you have any questions, ya know what to do.

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