Stuff I love: Andrea Zuckerman

I watched Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a kid, and the person I was cheering on wasn’t Brenda or Kelly. It was Andrea. Even childhood me was hoping she’s make it with her BFF Brandon.

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Andrea turns down Brandon. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Zuck isn’t a scene stealer. She’s not really one of the girls, though they do try really hard to make her part of things. Unintentionally, Andrea is one of the guys. Her friendship with Steve Sanders is an incredible amount of fun ad even though she’s mostly in love with Brandon for most of it, their friendship is probably the most genuine on the show.

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What’s great about the Zuck is more that she’s a pain in the arse, which makes her a great editor and reporter in high school. She jumps to a lot of conclusions and looks like an ass quite often, but redeems herself often too. Her love/hate relationship with Gil, the faculty adviser and teacher-dude in charge of the Blaze, is brilliant. He’s a pretty damn forgiving bloke.

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But, the best bit about Andrea is this: she doesn’t put up with BS.

When we meet Andrea in the pilot, she is the newspaper editor, and stays in this position until graduation. When Brandon tells her that she’s relentless, she takes it as a compliment. Andrea is always sniffing out a story. And she cares so much about her education that she moves in with her grouchy grandmother when someone finally discovers that she doesn’t live in the most famous zip code of the 90s.

So, that’s the Zuck in high school. She gets to college and intends to major in journalism. Of course she signs up the college newspaper. The editor makes her do a restaurant review of the Peach Pit, owned by my favourite old dude on the show, Nat. Nat has a terrible night, Andrea’s meal tastes terrible and when her editor is snotty about Andrea not being able to do the assignment she turns to him and says ‘There’s always pre-med.’

And then what happens?

Andrea becomes A DOCTOR. For shizz. We never hear about her reporter dreams ever again.

Stuff I love: Andrea Zuckerman. Turning lemons into lemonade since she was 16 (or 32, depending on who is calculating her age.)

I like books, rubber ducks, 90s pop music and putting words on paper. Wrote a thesis on romance. Tea and learning tarot.

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