Rules for Writing is a pretentious title.

Let’s call it something different:

How to Write Gooderer

  1. Know the rules of your chosen language so you can break them. (see above title.)
  2. Write what you can when you can.
  3. You (can) write what you know and (you should research) what you don’t.
  4. Tolerate other writers gladly. They may be the only ones who read your work.
  5. If someone says ‘this doesn’t make sense’ consider this useful feedback and adjust accordingly.
  6. Write for yourself AND write for others AND write for God’s glory. (in no particular order.)
  7. Make the process easy by establishing a regular writing habit that works for you. (key words: FOR YOU.)
  8. If you only write when you’re inspired you might have your work published some day.
  9. If you write EVERY SINGLE DAY you might have your work published some day.
  10. See writing as a blessing as often as you can — it will be much more enjoyable this way.