Every winter I reread Harry Potter, and I have just finished the final book.

The feels!

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But of course that’s the movie version of this scene, this guy would never wear Muggle clothes.

I recently beta read a dystopian YA and encouraged the reader to get into Harry Potter. It’s so worth it. Here’s why:

J K Rowling plotted out this entire series. Things that are mentioned in the first book, or themes that are explored, carry through to different books in the series. You are rewarded as a reader for noticing the small details.

Hogwarts, the British school for young witches and wizards is amazing! I loved spending time in this world that was utterly complex and brilliant.

The Dursleys. If you hear people referring to a Harry Potter cupboard (a tiny cupboard under the stairs), it’s because of these people, who are Muggles (not magic people) and who treat Harry horrendously. Their scenes are always a lot of fun though.

It grows with the reader. These books had staggered publishing dates, there were a number of years between them, and it means that we grow up with Harry (he begins his journey at 11 years of age), and the years of his life reflect the nature of what we read. The last three books read like YA rather than children’s literature.

Romance! Now, everyone knows I’m all about romance, and these books have enough of it to make me pretty happy.

Representation of strong women is also prevalent in Harry Potter. In particular I love Harry’s Head of House, Professor McGonagall, who is no-nonsense and believes in her students. I also adore Molly Weasley, who his Harry’s best friend’s mum. She acts like a mum to Harry and is there when he first attempts to enter the wizarding world by himself. Her duelling scene is also the best.

HP is worth the hype, and it’s also worth waiting until children are in the right age bracket to read it — but once they do, they’ll probably be hooked. Be warned!

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I like books, rubber ducks, 90s pop music and putting words on paper. Wrote a thesis on romance. Tea and learning tarot.

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