I sat outside and looked at the stars tonight. I’m not very good at sitting and doing literally nothing, but the older I get the easier it seems to be. I couldn’t find any constellations, although I remember doing a huge project on them in Year 6 — something about a diorama and Poscas floats around in my mind, which is pointless because who needs that information 24 years after the event.

I digress… or do I?

I don’t star gaze enough, but every time I have I think about a moment I had ten years ago. It was a…

When I was in my twenties I had a year where I had the Midas touch. Almost anything I turned my hand to turned to gold. Job interviews, fitness, completing a bunch of items from my long-and-exhaustive to-do list, repairing friendships — nothing was too hard. Even challenges I had faced the previous year were easily mended. Any small blips — a relationship ending, a friendship souring, a small dent in my car — that could easily be written off as a test from God, or Satan getting in the way.

The year after was so damn hard that all…

I used to have this quote I loved: love, food, wine and dancing, that’s all anyone needs to be happy.

I call BS. I’d just really like some iron so…

Sunday nights always have a feel of uncertainty mixed with anticipation but tonight, nothing. I’ve been unwell for two months now and my bloods came back to let me know I’m very iron deficient again. This isn’t anything new, I have been anemic or iron deficient for extended periods of my life and last year I thought I had the all clear. Not so much, it seems.

I’ve done all the things: I’ve found this equation called the Iron Protocol, I have medications and cast iron skillets and I’ve had to be okay with eating red meat. But I’ve only…

Years ago my brother and I were in an airport hotel in Melbourne and he decided that we had to spend the evening watching the now-defunct Pyschic TV. It was on one of the home shopping channels and it seemed ridiculous. The first segment we watched showed a lady who channeled the energy of pets who had died and had messages for their owners.

I said this was dumb and could we please change the channel, but hey, younger siblings always get what they want.

As the more sensible people came back on I started thinking the thought anyone who…

I haven’t talked about it a lot, though it’s in my bio: I read tarot.

Yeah, I know, it conflicts with my Christian life, but does it? (That may be another blog for another time.) For me tarot isn’t about fortune telling or predicting the future. It’s about picking a card and making meaning from it to explain how life is working in the present. I work hard to practice mindfulness (read: I am hopeless at it), but tarot brings grounding to an otherwise confusing life. Before tarot I would poll my friends or check in with ones I thought…

Everyone loves the idea that they’re off the beaten track. They’re forging their own paths. Or, if they don’t love being a trailblazer, they probably like them.

My life changed by a little orange postcard. Reasonably well designed, the postcard had some details about a program at a bible college. It was the last dusty postcard on the brochure table at church, and I took it home and Blu-Tac-ed it to my dressing table mirror. …

CW: sexual assault

I sat down to write an essay I planned. I’ve got the notes, it was all outlined, and then for whatever reason I typed some horrible lines about some truth I’d rather not deal with, and now, look where we are, an essay about something completely different.

The truth is this: I was sexually assaulted once on a date and I did nothing about it because it wasn’t until three years ago that I thought about it being anything but me leading a man on somehow.

Back track.

Everything in my life was about NOT HAVING SEX…

Let’s call it something different:

How to Write Gooderer

  1. Know the rules of your chosen language so you can break them. (see above title.)
  2. Write what you can when you can.
  3. You (can) write what you know and (you should research) what you don’t.
  4. Tolerate other writers gladly. They may be the only ones who read your work.
  5. If someone says ‘this doesn’t make sense’ consider this useful feedback and adjust accordingly.
  6. Write for yourself AND write for others AND write for God’s glory. (in no particular order.)
  7. Make the process easy by establishing a regular writing habit that works…

It’s been a big day: a birthday party for my daughter’s friends, my son is all sniffly and I have a serious case of can’t-eat-anything-anxiety which is kind of the worst. Someone is snoring but I think it’s probably the cat, she’s the loudest one of them all.

I have never liked the quiet. As a quiet person I found silence deafening and I’m well-aware of my loudness — my heavy footfalls, the way I knock stuff off ledges, my too-loud laugh. I’ve been filling my house with lo-fi music, a make-do since COVID happened and footy was cancelled, which…

Lisa Birch

I like books, rubber ducks, 90s pop music and putting words on paper. Wrote a thesis on romance. Tea and learning tarot.

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